Our main goal was to create a fun project for anyone to interact with smart contracts, by using exercise data through ChainLink Oracles to mint ERC-20 tokens.

What it does

Exercise token uses data from the Google Fit api to incentivize healthy habits through a ChainLink oracle.

How we built it

We had three parts:

  • smart contract
    • ERC20token, NFT contract, and the TokenClaim contract
  • frontend: where users could claim tokens after exercise
  • backend: the chainlink client making external requests

Challenges we ran into

Running chainlink client and connecting to the external API. We need to review our node functionality to successfully relay data into our smart contract.

Generally programming it and debugging was rather tough, it was most of our group's first time using solidity and ChainLink oracles.

Running a collaborative and functional team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Understanding Chainlink's role in a decentralized world, and building using Chainlink infrastructure.

What we learned

How to set up an oracle contract, how to set up a Chainlink client. We also learned how to make a front-end in React as well as code a Dapp in solidity.

What's next for Exercise Token (ETKN)

Getting the oracle to work successfully. Then, we plan on linking user data to create more dynamic NFTs such as avatars for the metaverse.

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