What inspired me to do it was thinking of ways to incorporate more fitness into playing games. A lot of time people spent a lot of their day playing games and especially due to the pandemic, people find it very hard to go out and exercise. While thinking of ways to add more fitness I also wanted it to be able to push people to improve and from that Exercise Evolved came to be.

What it does

What it does is it takes in the game you are playing along with the match statistics like KDA and it calculates exercises that you should do. As of now, it works for both CS and League of Legends and it has the ability to enable and disable certain exercises. It comes with a simple minimalist gui that is easy to follow.

How I built it

I used Kotlin as the main programming language and used tornadoFX and javaFX as the framework to build the application.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge that I ran into was learning Kotlin. I decided that I wanted to learn Kotlin for this hackathon and I had to get use to an entirely new language. This language was a lot different from the past languages I have used and I ran into a lot of trouble figuring out syntax.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The main accomplishment that I am proud of is just finishing the project. As this is my very first hackathon along with the small amount of time I had to work on it, just finishing the project is something I am proud of

What I learned

I learned a lot from this. I learned how important time management is as the 48 hours you have to build the app goes by really fast. Along with this, this was the first time I used Kotlin and it was fun learning the language. It is both very similar and different to Java which is the main language I use. This was also the first time I worked with tornadoFX and it was simple and easy to use.

What's next for Exercise Evolved

There is a lot in store for Exercise Evolved. The next step is going to be the ability to create custom exercises to the list and remove exercises that you know you won't do. Along with that, I would like the application to be able to scrape the web for match information so with just a username, it will be able to get your match information. This will make it easier for the user as they don't have to put in their own information and it will allow for better exercise selection as it will have access to more information. There also need to be a huge GUI overhaul as the application could look a lot better.

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