Product Description Note some of the information in the description listed is not fully implemented, but they are listed as part of the team's idea for this hack.

This product aims to help individuals to continuously learn throughout their lifetimes. The web application has a listing of courses of various topics from sites such as Lynda.com, Codecademy, Khan Academy, and Udemy. Learners can select which courses/topics to enroll that fits in their schedule, interests, and goals. Each course/topic contains links to websites that contain content about the course as well as user reviews and even assessments. As the product aims to motivate learners to keep on learning, each course also has a point values that the learner can earn once a course is completed. Learners can compete with others for points on the leaderboard as they learn material, and they can also exchange their earned points for monetary or other rewards, including gift cards or charity. A learner (the user) has a profile which he/she is able to access a history of classes and course history. There is also a login for the learner to access their profile.

_ Next Steps _ We would like to expand this hack by allowing a wiki-style summary panel which learners can also look at their past courses . This can be useful for learners to quickly refresh and review what they have learned without necessarily needing to go through the entire course again. We also hope to implement a notes panel that users can take as they complete courses. Additional features also include a scheduler that fits learners' courses onto their schedule, and pre-course assessments to ensure what users know. They may be features which users may compete for challenges and educational games to help reinforce their learning.

This is part of Bitcamp 2019 at University of Maryland, College Park.

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