We knew the struggles faced with plateauing in a workout regime. We know the struggles faced due to injury from bad form. So why don’t we prevent these issues from happening? The model is so simple and we truly feel it goes the extra mile. With correct form and posture, this will inevitably prevent risk of injury and even more so improve everyday posture and spine health. The beauty of it is it’s simplicity. Imagine the most ideal muscle development all because you simply know you’re doing it right.

What it does

It measures spine axis motion as well as heart rate. The motion of the spine is corrected with a buzzer when the axes of the hip and obliques translate, and the entire vest including the heart rate monitor is connected to an app to track progress.

How I built it

It uses a simple circuit embedded into the vest, consisting of axis-configured accelerometers and a heart rate sensor which utilises photoplethysmography. The heart rate sensor essentially manipulates infra-red light passing through the skin, with the sensor receiving a signal every time there is passing of blood. Both devices were coupled with an Arduino to code the specific instructions of the accelerometers and the heart rate sensor.

Challenges I ran into

With limited experience with an Arduino and an understanding on the given components, it was an interesting learning curve given the limited time, also considering the ambitious-ness of the task.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We managed to fully understand the prototype and test it with success. A vast amount of skills were developed and discovered when developing the prototype for the vest.

What I learned

Understanding the functionalities of Arduino and appreciating how it’s model is used in many every day devices. Appreciating that what may seem to be extravagant ideas can come to life with very simple models.

What's next for Exer-Vest

Developing the prototype and watching the practicality and the benefits we envisioned come to life. We hope to see the model of the Exer-Vest improve many lives someday.

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