In India, it is still pretty common in universities to write code on paper. Also, we see a lot of code snippets online on Twitter or blog posts that can't be edited or executed. With executely, we wanted to make handwritten or typed code (on an image) editable and executable right in your browser.

What it does

Executely, parses the text from an image using OCR and then put the code in a sandbox editor where the user can edit and execute it.


  • Parses the text from any image containing typed or handwritten code.
  • Executes the code right into the browser.
  • Supports image upload by URL.
  • Supports image crop in case image contains extra noise.
  • Supports automatic language detection.
  • Supports C, C++, Javascript, and Python.

How we built it

Executely consists of 3 parts -

  • Frontend - Built using React.js

  • Main Backend Server - Built using Express.js and Typescript. It uses Google Cloud Vision APIs for OCR and Jdoodle APIs for the execution of code.

  • Python Server - Built using Flask. It uses the GuessLang package to detect the programming language from the source code.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some issues with Google Cloud Vision APIs and deployment but with teamwork, we were able to sort it out quickly.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of working in a collaborative manner and building something useful in a few days from scratch.

What we learned

We learned how to work remotely with a team and collaborate using Github for successful completion of the project.

What's next for Executely

  • Adding support for formatters and linters
  • Adding authentication/account support so that the execution results can be saved
  • Chrome Extension support for adding image urls

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