ExCycling means Exciting + Cycling!

You can enjoy the cycling easier with your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and so on!

ExCycling helps you make friends and invite them to your room.

If your room starts to ride a bike, ExCycling exchanges fitness informations with other members of room.

You can know easily your fitness infomation like speed, consumed calorie, and so on. You can also know others current position.

Moreover if you have Samsung Gear 2 , you can send voice message to others while cycling, and receive other voice message.

And Gear 2 will notice important alert message you automatically. You can also see your current fitness infomation directly on Gear 2.

  • ExCycling on Android supports these information.

(avg,max,current) Speed, Altitude, Consumed Calorie, Humidity, Temperature, Members' current position on Map, Fitness elapsed time.

  • ExCycling on Android supports these functions.

Add person as friends who you know.

Invite your friends to your room.

Start fitness activity with your room.

Exchange informations with other members of group.

Support Fitness Recording.

Graph Visualization.

  • ExCycling on Gear 2 with Android supports Additional functions.

Send Voice message to other members of group while doing activities like cycling.

Receive other voice message.

Automatic Alert message Notification.

Notice backward people your direction to move, using direction signal.

Visualize fitness information from Host device(ExCycling from android).

Motion Recognition like wrist up for voice recording.

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