We all have this digital space where we talk to all our closest friends, either a WhatsApp group, Facebook, Telegram and whatnot. Why not have our own special app where we can hang out and have all these funky tools that you could use with your buddies?

What it does

The whole package serves as your complete suite of functionalities you would need with your close group of buddies. Today we will be demoing one of the disruptive functionalities, EXCUSE ME. Ask your friends to have your back whenever you need an excuse to have an evening off from everything by adding you to their activities, like checking you in on facebook at last night’s party, even though you were actually writing code at TC’s hackathon.

How I built it

We built up this handy and quick-to-use iOS App, supported in the backend by a Rails app, hosted on a .CLUB domain ( offered by our sponsors. The maps backend is supported by MapQuest’s data manager API.

Challenges I ran into

In today’s extremely competitive social app environment, it’s hard to find the edge that you can offer to users to make them want to use your app. What we did to find that edge was pretty much moved over to real life and thought about real life situations and how we cold solve some of those using an app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We started off as complete strangers yesterday morning and ended up as a team with a product today.

What I learned

We've learned that you should never walk back from crazy ideas.

What's next for Excuse Buddies

Building up the rest of the toolkit with more awesome features and actually using it with our friends!

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