CANSOFCOM members are required to watch surveillance videos for extended period of time. Our program automates the process, freeing personnel of countless hours of manual observance.

What it does

Detect faces in realtime video stream through a webserver Recognize facial landmarks for each face on screen Count number of faces present in realtime and detect abnormality

How we built it

Read online tutorials about using opencv

Challenges we ran into

Installing dependencies to be compatible with other systems Training machine to recognize and remember seen faces

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning and coding in an unfamiliar programming language Python, opencv, dlib, and working with MongoDB in a short period of time

What we learned

Machine Learning takes a long time that we expected

What's next for Excubia

Using data in the database to identify and track individuals' occurrences and detect abnormality Not only track faces, but also body movements

Built With

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