I've experienced first hand the shear amount of clothing that donation centers receive that hardly makes to people in need. Many of the clothing sent in is tossed, unused, unsorted, and non-applicable for their needs. At ExCloset I wanted to create a platform for non-profit organizations to select the items they need from participating donors.

How we built it

I used MongoDB for the database, Node.js/Express.js for the backend, and React.js for the frontend!

Challenges we ran into

  • Setting up role based user authentication
  • Setting up image upload
  • Displaying the listings
  • Lack of time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For going at this solo, I was able to code a lot of functionality within 2 days! A lot remains unfinished but this project still remains a learning experience.

What's next for Excloset

  • Displaying all listings from donors.
  • Allowing organizations to purchase from a listing
  • Allowing organizations to search/filter through listings
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