Exchangeagram is a smart automated textbook exchange program aimed at simplifying the textbook exchange process. All the student have to do is to input their class schedule before the term, and the service will automatically match the class with the book that they need. At the end of the term, the service will automatically match the book with another student who will be using the same book the following term, making the process streamlined and intuitive. To keep things fair for both sides of the trade, the service will automatically generate a equilibrium price based on the supply and demand of the book.


  • For the seller, he or she is always in the winning position because the item is sold at the best market equilibrium price, based on the supply and demand.
  • For the buyer, he or she can always buy the item below the retail price.
  • Eventually, it's a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers. Exchange of books are much more speedier than traditional exchanges which uses unregulated fixed prices, and solves the problem of finding a buyer too.
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