Currently, many students have items including textbooks, furniture, electronics, and such which they are hoping to sell. The transactions are all currently occurring over a massive 5000 people facebook group called GT Thrift Shop. The posts are very unorganized, unstreamlined, and slow. The buyer must search for items which most the time do not arise and half the time are sold by the time a buyer finds the item. We set out to make a native based mobile application called Exchange O’ Gram which would help students perform safer and more systematic transactions of items. We decided this was such a necessity due the popularity of the facebook group Thrift shop, indicating a large demand. Essentially, our idea stemmed from the need for a simple, burden-less software, to privately and easily sell and buy goods from others. In addition, it was important to create a system solely focused on this idea of merchanting and store the data on the cloud for simplicity and expedition of the process. We aimed to enable each student to buy or sell what he/she wishes in a more fair and organized manner. The e-commerce program has various search and compose screens which allow the seller to upload pictures, describe the product, etc and the buyer to search for products and offer the seller a price. The communication would be done solely by text messaging with the Twilio API since texting is universal, accessible, and simple. This would make sure that each user got updated on their deals as soon as possible and everyone was able to make purchases fairly. The large mass of people in need of such an app would warrant its use on other campuses and create an inter-campus exchange based on location.

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