The need for interactive spreadsheets in Confluence! Addteq created Excellentable to maximize Confluence's potential in creating functional spreadsheets. Now, Confluence users can create, edit and share spreadsheets easily.

What it does

Excellentable features the core functionalities of Excel, just strictly for Confluence. Current Cloud Features :

  • Enhanced formatting
  • Column sorting & filtering
  • Compatible with over 400 Formulas

Currently on cloud version, we do not support the following features:

  • Versioning support
  • Ability to search within large spreadsheets
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Intuitive drag and drop importing

How We Built It

Excellentable was created using the following technologies:

  • The plugin was developed on Atlassian Connect Framework for Confluence
  • A Node.js backend that hosts the excellentable cloud service for Confluence
  • MongoDB as the database

Challenges we ran into

Since Excellentable is currently available for Confluence Server, we mainly ran into challenges creating the features that are coming soon. Some of these include:

  • Showing UI friendly spreadsheets in view mode.
  • Processing of XLS files for both import and export on the cloud.
  • Being able to update different users seamlessly as edits were being made.
  • Creation of multiple language packs

Proud Accomplishments

To reduce the development effort for both Excellentable server and Cloud, we started the initiative to convert Excellentable into an API driven library in React JS. This will help us release eventually merge both the server and cloud and release frequently.

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