We are in an era of information overload. While any educational resource you could possibly need is available in a single google search, it can be hard to decide which resource is worth your time and money investing in. As programmers, our team is fully aware of these costs. Tech is changing all the time, and we don't have time to find the "best" course. Worst of all, what happens when you spend $100 on a course that ultimately did not teach in the most effective way to YOUR individual needs. That's where ExcelLearn comes in

What it does

ExcelLearn is a specialized search engine specifically designed to analyze educational resources and tailors its results based on the educational experience you want using machine learning and data analysis

How we built it

We used UiPath to automatically collect data from some of the top online educational resources. Then using Google Cloud we analyzed the collected data to send to our easy to use Search UI.

Challenges we ran into

Every single member of the team pushed themselves to work with a new technology they have never used before. This, especially in a 24 hour hackathon, is and was a very daunting task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think we are all very proud of using new programming concepts in a very limited amount of time.

What we learned

One of the things we learned was the importance of pre-planning. Many times throughout the night we had to pivot our idea of what the final product would be because of tech and knowledge limitations. Another thing we really worked on is perfecting our pitchen

What's next for ExcelLearn

Our team is very happy with our analysis programs, we were not able to analyze as many online resources as we would have liked to. In the future, we would like to continue adding more resources for our users to choose from.

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