We identified a huge gaps in learning progress and test assessment, where students too often receive an overall course mark, look at it, and leave it behind. What's lacking is a quick and accessible breakdown on learning progress, whether it be a progress tracker for individual students or class data for instructors.

What it does

Excelerate analyzes scattered individual assessment results into meaningful representations on a visual dashboard.

Individual assessment results from quizzes/exams and displays the aggregated data onto a dashboard. Excelerate's dashboard includes the following features:

  • provides a breakdown of course topics, specifically how the student is performing for each unit in the course,
  • identifies a class's weakest and strongest areas in the course by aggregating class data
  • helps instructors tailor teaching materials to improve weaker units

How we built it

  • Input: Read quiz results from .csv files. Quiz results included questions, associated units, student answer, and correct answer)
  • Data Analysis: Parsed the .csv files with javascript and analyzed the data to output uniform datasets objects.
  • Output: Used d3.js to render analyzed data into interactive donut charts, bar graphs, aster charts, and line graphs, with detailed descriptions and labels.

Challenges we ran into

Time was a luxury for a 3 person team in a 24 hour hackathon! We realized our initial project scope was too ambitious (we wanted to build/integrate the an in-app quiz feature and a database storing all results with mySQL). We regrouped (and had a very positive discussion) about what we thought we were capable of completing, and ended up completing a minimally viable product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were extremely adaptive in changing directions, as well as learning d3.js on a spot.

What we learned

We learned pretty thoroughly the tech stack we were using, such as d3.js, javascript, and aws. We learned that there are a ton of areas in education that needs work, and that we can use ours apps to slowly push for systematic change.

What's next for Excelerate

Next, we want to build out the back end and integrate an interactive quiz feature, so that users can see real-live results on the go.

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