The Graph representation is an important one in the Excel while presenting the reports. It has many kind of graph. And also I have seen the challenge in the Uipath RPA.


I have developed the package with activities called Excel Graph (Chart) Activities. It solves the problem of the above situation. Below the activities details.

1.Bar Chart.

2.Column Chart.

3.Line Chart.

4.Pie Chart.


  1. Add chart title for the chart.
  2. Copy the graph as Image in a file.
  3. Data labels type is an enumeration [ShowNone,ShowValue,ShowPercent,ShowLabel,ShowLabelAndPercent,ShowBubbleSizes ].
  4. Add the lead lines for the chart.
  5. Option to the separator for the data label.
  6. Show the bubble size for the data label.
  7. Show Category Name for the data label
  8. Show the legend – True to show the legend to the chart.
  9. Show the percentage for the data label.
  10. Show the series name for the data label.
  11. Show Value for the data label.
  12. Fix the Size of the graph (with Height, left, top and width).


Have to add more functionalities in the activities.

Flexibility and Usability:

This is the power of UiPath. It is very flexibility to the developers to develop the custom activities. After the development, it is very easy to use it. I have Developed activities in C#.Net.

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