Situation :

In the Uipath,We need some extra tools and decorators While handling the Excel. It gives a final touch up to Excel sheet. Sometime we need to bring the data from excel to outside of the application. We cannot define it. It could be a web application or a windows application. But commonly we can keep data in clipboard.


I have developed the package with activities called Excel External Activities. It solves the problem of the above situation. Below the activities details.

1.Merge Cells – Allows multiple adjacent cells to be combined into a single larger cell.

2.UnMergeCells - Merged cells are splitted into a single cell.

3.CopyData – To copy the selected range of cells data into Clipboard. Even if it un-formatted also copied to clipboard.

4.DeleteData – To clear the selected range of cells data.

5.ClipboardToDatatable – Clipboard data (which is copied from excel sheet) convert to datatable.


Have to add more functionalities in the activities.

Flexibility and Usability

This is the power of UiPath. It is very flexibility to the developers to develop the custom activities. After the development, it is very easy to use it. I have Developed activities in C#.Net.

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