Every day 100,000 kids miss school because they are afraid of being bullied and for good reason, an incident of bullying occurs every seven minutes in American Schools. Only 30% of children who are bullied report it to adults. The three leading reasons these children do not report are:

  1. They are embarrassed.
  2. They do not think an adult can stop the bullying.
  3. They think telling an adult will make the bullying worse.

Exbully allows real-time anonymous reporting that will:

  1. Make vulnerable children's lives safer.
  2. Enable previously bullied students to feel comfortable attending school.
  3. Create an environment where bullying is no longer a viable methodology for insecure students to express their anger.

How it works

The ExBully app operates in a 4-part process.

1) Victim: It provides students the ability to call/text for help when they are in immediate danger. 2) Bully: The bully can be identified and assessed for mental health services. 3) School System: It allows for the school administration to match the immediacy of their response based on the danger level of the threat presented.
4) Data Collection: It captures and tabulates threats in real-time so that school districts may use this data to strengthen their student safety goals, as well as addressing student mental and physical health issues.

Challenges I ran into

Creating a universal solution to to address the multi-layered bullying crisis: 1) Victim; 2) Perpetrator and 3) School System in real-time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to complete a Minimal Viable Solution to ameliorate the bullying health issue

What I learned

The societal cost of bullying to the mental, physical and emotional well-being of youth - including the vast number of bullied youth who either turn to drugs and alcohol abuse, suicide, or becoming a bully themselves. Only by breaking the cycle of silence, will we be able to bring a halt to this epidemic sweeping American schools.

What's next for ExBully

To continue the research and development and seek broad-based adoption in school systems.

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