How Demos Work

I know this is a scary wall of text, but I promise it’s important.

  1. Demos should be around 3 minutes long.

  2. Things your demo should include: the Sparknotes version of your Devpost submission write-up:

    • Your team name,
    • What challenge(s) you’re responding to,
    • How your project addresses the challenge,
    • What technologies (languages, platforms, APIs, hardware, sponsored tools, etc.) you used,
    • what you learned (whether or not this is you/your team members’ first time at a hackathon),
    • what problems you ran into and how you solved them,
    • anything else you’re super proud about!
    • a video demo ≤ 3 minutes long showcasing the features of your project
  3. The best demos are the ones that engage the judges - so be sure to include a link to try out you app/project/hack if applicable while you explain to them how it works in your video and why it’s cool as heck. // PowerPoints aren’t forbidden but the best demos rely on showing off your project in action!

As always, don’t hesitate to ask the organizers/sponsors any questions to get a better idea about how you can rock the judging phase :-)

Additionally, be sure to check the event's submission rules (VTHacks 8 prohibits multiple submission. Projects created outside of VTHacks 8 or submitted to other events will be disqualified.)

Project Writeup

Note that I'm able to go back and edit this up until the submission deadline (hard cut-off at 11:00 AM EST, Sunday morning). Please turn in your own project submission by midnight on Saturday night, even as just a placeholder that you go back and fill in closer to the submission deadline. Late submission will not be judged.


Our team wanted to address the X challenge presented by (VTHacks, Sponsor, community member, etc.)

What it does

Our project address the challenge by doing X.

How We built it

Our team used X, Y, Z and deployed our project to mobile/cloud/local/etc. for ease of access!

Challenges We ran into

This was our first hackathon, I didn't know how to code before this weekend!, we didn't know how to reach the egress point of our simulated service. Whatever you ran into, overcame, or we're unable to solve, let everyone know here.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The button shadow on hover effect is very enjoyable.

What I learned

How to code, react, etc.


I hope some hackers learn how to write good Devpost submissions

Checkout some of these photos of our hack in action!!

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