Today, we examine two factors that are a concern for the environment: (1) C02 Emissions; and (2) Wildfires in California

We chose to examine C02 Emission data because it is the main greenhouse gas, and it correlates with negative health effects. We chose to examine wildfires because they are a serious threat in the western United States.

We first examine C02 emission data in 2016. We took this data from Kaggle. Our regression suggests for every million people in the population, the amount of C02 in metric tons increases by 4.951 million.

We next examine the wildfires in California. And as seen in this bar graph, the number of acres burned had a large uptick in 2017 and 2018. Before 2017, the number of acres burned stabilized around 500,000. Since then, the problem of wildfires has only increased, and it is imperative that protective measures be put in place to stop this trend.

In conclusion, with increasing trends of population, our C02 emissions are likely to increase if trends continue. Furthermore, California wildfires are increasing in the number of incidents and acres burnt, both alarming for people in the west.

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