Everything on Single Platform

I observed many examination set up tools in market and internet, In Appian we can create best

All organizations and partners of Appian can use this so than everything will be on same platform, not need to manage many platforms for different purpose.

This application use to create question bank and also set up examination on same question bank.

This application is usefull for all organization and institutes. It can be used as internal as well as external purpose:

  • Internal Purpose - Awareness, Ifosec like examination and practice as well.
  • External Purpose - Certification, External User Evaluation etc.

The application is devided into two models:

  • Create Question Bank - Authorized user can add questions and approver can approve, reject or send back to user for any correction.
  • Take Exam - This is main module wher examine can appear to examinations or certifications.

Its completely built on Appian 18.1

  • I have created application in consideration of Appian 18.1
  • Look and feel is better due to this version
  • Done procedures implementation in MySQL

Challenges I have faced

  • Getting random questions of different type and also show options in random order.
  • Secure question and its answer from disclose.
  • No developer needed for setting up any exam or change some configuration.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Get random questions of different difficulties and options will also appear in random. This is done without any performance issue. It took time achieve but I am proud that its done.
  • Make the application completely configurable and flexible.
  • Examine have transparency about examination

What I learned

  • I understood the to create an Application for general purpose and it can be configured at any point of time without any developer help.
  • Learned how we can give great look and feel in Appian.
  • Using of graphs in smart way.
  • Implement any requirement is possible in Appian

What's next for Examination System

  • AI for auto archiving questions after certain period or deprecated topic questions.
  • AI to update difficulties for questions according history, how examine has solved the question.
  • Other question type will be added like one word answer, subjective (paragraph) type answer, match making etc.

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