As seniors who have finally finished the brutal grind of AP testing, we found it excruciating that there were so many disparate study resources out there, all accomplishing only a fraction of what students need. The current market is riddled with paid subscriptions and poor-quality systems, so we found it pertinent to focus on exactly those two factors and make a free-to-use service dedicated to practicing certified AP problems. That's how ExamIn was born. By harnessing a proprietary spaced repetition learning algorithm and a familiar yet memorable UI layout, we hope to bring AP excellence to any student willing to invest in their success. Our algorithm ensures that students both become aware of and strengthen their shortcomings while prioritizing gaining the breadth of knowledge that is prerequisite for success on any AP test. Questions are automatically shuffled to align with a user's weaknesses in the all-questions mode, and helpful tools like immediate answer feedback and answer elimination guarantee both user comfort and understanding while practicing. Currently we have AP World History fully fledged out, but with more time, we hope to expand ExamIn to every AP, helping the millions of students who take AP every year achieve the best scores possible.

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