Problem Definition

When Sri Lankan students submit question papers for their exams Only 60% Students are doing Past Papers for Their Ordinary Level and advanced level exams. Only 35% Students are check right and wrong answers in did exam papers. Only 10% Students are check why this question is wrong and How solve this question.

Sri lanka students want to do exam papers for practice their exams but most of students are lazy to do papers. So I’m plan to create platform for that laziness. So I’m developed examhub application. I n this application student can do their exam papers like game. So we give some prizes for monthly most active students

Background & Motivation

I n this application can increase student education level.

Proposed Solution: is an App Like a Game where students can write old exam question papers without any boredom.

This app is specially designed to increase the desire to do question papers. This App is the first question to be addressed to the student who is doing the question papers as a Game Unit. Therefore, in order to do the next part of the question, you must answer the previous questions correctly and get the required number of marks.

After getting the required number of points, he can go to the next round and his place will depend on the points scored. The scores are displayed on the App Leaderboard. This app allows you to view the correct answer count and score as soon as you have completed the question paper. He can also see for himself what the answers are and what the correct answers are. This app also offers some prizes to the students who get the highest marks per month.

This will increase the students' interest in the app and thus increase their educational knowledge.

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