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NUS Exam Countdown App for Hack&Roll 2019

Team ID: BK

Team Members

  1. Jon Chua (165)
  2. Joshua Wee (399)
  3. Sean Low (109)

How we Built it

We built this Android app using Android Studio and Java in 24 hours.

Challenges we Ran into and what we Learnt

We had to learn Android Studio and App building from scratch as we had no prior app development knowledge.

Furthermore, we had to touch up on Java as we did not have much prior Java knowledge too.

Accomplishments we are Proud of

We built a working Android App that allows users to count down to their upcoming NUS exams from scratch.

Prizes we are Competing for

  1. Coreteam's Best Roll
  2. Most Annoying Hack
  3. Most Entertaining Hack
  4. Most Beautiful Hack
  5. Most Socially Useful Hack
  6. Most Awesomely Useless Hack
  7. Best Freshman Hack




  1. Add your modules by entering your module code into the text box and click 'Search'.
  2. Module and exam information would be shown.
  3. Module data is retained when app is closed and relaunched.

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