Not all the students have resources and time to got to different "Tuition Centers" to get good marks and get to know about different universities and technologies being taught there. Me My self suffered from this and failed to make to NUST and PIEAS due to above mentioned problems.

What it does

you can prepare for entry test of different universities (NUST,MCAT,ECAT,ETEA available at the moment) and let student know about what inside different technologies (Most of intermediate students don't know the difference between Computer Engineering , Computer Sciences and Software Engineering)

How we built it

We used php and mysql for getting mcqs from database and then checking the answers. Posters and Videos are made in Adobe PhotoShop and After Effects

Challenges we ran into

Biggest Challenge was to make a huge MCQ's Bank and maintaining it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have more then 20 students studying in (NUST,EME,GIKI,UET) and that's something we are proud of

What we learned

We learnt about different students and there interests , one parents might want them to become doctor but maybe he/she is an artist inside.

What's next for ExamBites

We are planing of getting universities on board so we can have a trip of these universities before students can give examination so that they can decide which technology to peruse in their future

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