Using data coming from an Arduino equipped with a light, temperature, and noise sensor, we created a tool that allows participants at Hackathons to oversee all available hacking rooms and find one that would suit their personal hacking needs.

How it's made

Using the Arduino, the base shield and multiple components, we're able to calculate the temperature of a room in Celsius and the noise level in decibels. The light level of a room was calculated within a range, and is scaled to a percentage. Each device connects to a Node backend which allows data to be displayed on a dashboard for a React frontend.


While brainstorming for an idea, our team was having great difficulty since the noise level in the hacking room was well over the decibels emitted by a commercial airliner and the overall room temperature was on par with the Sahara desert. To solve our predicament, we wandered through the halls of UWestern to find the perfect hacking room.

Once we found the perfect location, the idea came to us to make a hack that would display the current noise level, temperature and lighting of various locations in a building which would be essential for a team trying to find a good hacking spot.

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