I need to help my students revise for their exams... How do I do this?! They need to revise how to code and revise the theory... Why make an app in the language they learn... They look at the source code and play the game.

What it does

Play it and find out! Students can be so lazy at times...

How we built it

With Visual Basic in Visual Studio using Visual Prompts using our eyes

Challenges we ran into

Not using CSV... Then trying to use CSV... Then realising the CSV works but the rest of the code doesn't...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) It is finished... 2) That is all.

What we learned

CSV is always an option... Probably the best... Possibly the only option...

What's next for Exam Buff or Exam Bluff

Create more questions to help them with their revision. Put it into my lessons and challenge higher ability students to try and create their own version of the game (some framework would be provided)

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