Challenges for all

Want to challenge your friend, to see the maximum days he/she goes without checking with his/her ex or crush, he/she needs to get rid of, take the #ExterminatorChallenge


Everyone goes through major crush and heartbreaks. Keeping to ponder over it can be excessively time and energy confusing, thus preventing one to move forward. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to get over someone but you couldnt stop stalking this person and feel more sad. Here is your chance to temporarily block someone from your life, all at once, so that you can move on and the resume conversation when you are ready.

What it does

It asks the user to sign in through social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc and asks the person he/she wants to unfollow. It unfollows on your behalf. Have no self control? Even better! Our app will charge you everytime in dollars, more in the magnitude of the sentiment score of how the other person made you feel. It works as a negative reinforcement for people to slow down your engagement with people who are meant to be left behind.

How we built it

Our backend is built with Python, Facebook, Twitter API to get details on the user and follow/unfollow; IBM Watson API for sentiment analysis, Nessie Capital one API for money transfer etc.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating so many APIs and its extensions was very very difficult!

What's next for Ex-Terminator

Writing code to unfollow from everywhere. Also based on sentiment scores, deciding if someone should be unfollowed or unfriended.Tracking the users day to day activities, to understand how cutting off this person is affecting the person.

Prizes we are competing for

  1. Best Rookie Hack - Bitcamp
  2. Most Humorous Hack - Bitcamp
  3. Best Moonshot Hack - Bitcamp
  4. Best X for Y - Bitcamp - Best Recycle bin for Heartbreaks
  5. Best Philantrophic Hack | Bloomberg
  6. Biggest Gamechanger - Booz Allen Hamilton
  7. Best Use of Capital One's API
  8. Best Use of IBM Cognitive & Bluemix - IBM

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