We are students ourselves. We're in the learning phase, and every semester we find ourselves dreading the day we graduate into the working life. Because this meant we would have to start thinking about things we never had to before. We'd need to start worrying about having commitments like working a 9 to 5 just for the sake of paying off our own bills. So we basically just thought what if we could smoothen that transition? Bring learning further into the earning phase.

What it does

It lets users have AR objects called 'commitments' which they would have to maintain using EX tokens earned from completing educational tutorials and daily spins. These AR objects exist in users' smart phones as if they are real, hence, they consume just as much petrol (e.g. if the object is a car) as a real car would. This will hopefully smoothen the transition between learning to earning for students.

How we built it

The navigational prototype was designed using adobe xd. The functioning prototype would be built using ARToolKit and Android Studio since we would be focusing on android development first of all.

Challenges we ran into

3 of our team members are currently doing their 9 to 5 internships so we find it hard to commit time for developing EX:life.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with this in 3 days time. We are amazed at our own team chemistry.

What we learned

We learned that innovation can come 3 days before the deadline.

What's next for EX:life

We would definitely be working on a fully functioning prototype of EX:life.

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