Where is EWELL?

We spot that there is a missing piece in aelf’s ecosystem jigsaw - an IDO platform where projects deployed on aelf chain can start their fundraising. Currently, all the projects on aelf intending to raise fund can only do so through private sales or switching to IDO platforms elsewhere. That’s why we want to build a decentralized IDO tool that caters to all projects and users and compliments aelf’s ecosystem, and the name of the project is EWELL.

EWELL Main function

Project Create IDO Projects Verification of trading pair: After the mainchain token is synchronized to the sidechain (via aelf wallet or the cross-chain bridge), fundraising projects can verify the token and create a trading pair to be used in the IDO. Customizations of IDO parameters: Fundraising projects can set key parameters like IDO price, volume, and distribution mechanism when creating the IDO. Providing project info: Fundraising projects can submit relevant links and all of these materials will be presented on the dashboard. IDO Projects Management Whitelist management: Fundraising projects that seek to target certain users or communities can set their whitelists. IDO cancellation: Projects can cancel the IDO event before it ends. Locking and unlocking of liquidity: Fundraising projects can create a trading pair between their native token and the token used for purchase it and lock the liquidity in AwakenSwap. Upon expiry the lock-up period, fundraising projects can unlock this trading pair through AwakenSwap.

Investors Investments in IDO projects Investment: Users can participate in IDO sales. Token redemption: After the IDO ends, users can manually redeem the token they have bought. Investment withdrawal: Users can withdraw the token they invested before the IDO ends.

EWELL's Roadmap:

Stage One: Complete the building of EWELL, incorporating the features of user-friendliness, decentralization, and flexibility.

Stage Two: Add the [Fair Launch] mode to provide users with comprehensive data and enhance user experience. Launch the [Operations] module and improve the services by adding functions like recommendation, KYC, and audit.

Stage Three: Horne the product and introduce more diversified IDO modes so as to further improve projects’ experience on EWELL.

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