Piotr Adamczyk: I work in a bank, and because of that I gained knowledge about PSD2 directive, which in EU forces banks to expose APIs for Account Information and Payment Initiation services for third party providers (TPP). Thinking about what could be done with it, I thought it would be cool to have an everything-in-one app to manage all your bank accounts, crypto wallets and possibly even more!

What it does

Marcello Bardus: Basically, Piotr just described it. It allows you to connect all your EU accounts (of course when we get the license and banks will implement production APIs, right now we are using public sandbox APIs and our own mockup). Also, we allow you to use the same UI/UX to manage your cryptocurrency wallets - at the moment we support Ethereum (both mainnet and Rinkeby) and ERC20 tokens. Our main goal is to build something, which will provide the best onboarding experience for new cryptocurrency users. First, we want the users to start using our app to manage their bank accounts, and the move to crypto.

How we built it

Piotr: We used Expo for our app, just because it allowed us to speed up the development process and prepare the development environment very fast. We use regular "fetches" to communicate with external APIs (like our backend which handles bank stuff), and also Ethers.js library to send transfers from your local crypto accounts. We store in cloud only what we really need to - rest of the data never leaves your device.

Marcello: The backend which serves as a bank TPP is compliant with PolishAPI standard and is written in Nest.js, while our mock-up bank we used for testing is written in Nest.js and its frontend - in React. For real bank communication, we used Alior Bank sandbox (check out

Challenges we ran into

Marcello: The first challenge was to dive into how exacly the PolishAPI standard works and then implement it and keep all the security standards. The second challenge was the project itself, it was so big we really decided to finish our work 10 minutes before the end of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Piotr: We're proud that it works. Really, that's a huge accomplishment given the scale of the project and size of the team. Our team is just us - two developers.

Marcello: To say more, we are proud of the consistency of UX of our app, and of the security behind it. We followed all the bank standards.

What we learned

Marcello: We've learned that taking such a big responsibility as building a PSD2 compatible API (though it was not a scope for this project) is not a simple task and doing that on a hackathon was crazy. But to be more serious, we really expanded our knowledge about UX design and both Ethereum and banking standards.

What's next for Evryt

Piotr: Our future plans are to implement meta-transactions, fiat-crypto & crypto-crypto ramps to make the user feel even more comfortable and hide all these complex things behind a really nice UI and UX. Also, we want to integrate ERC721 certificates into the app. We wanted to do that on the hackathon, but I must say, we underestimated the complexity of the project.

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