Why evoyr?

evoyr is a GREAT way for all users in the world to plan, organize, and view events the most efficient way possible.

used localhost because I don't have money to buy cloud storage. If you're interested in seeing it live, swing by! =]


As the Vice President of Lehigh University's campus-event organizer, I am to work with a $250,000 budget to work with for the entire year. Last year, when I was planning one of the biggest campus events in Lehigh history, I realized, even after spending over $5000, none of it would have mattered if no one showed up for it. It sucked. I invited over 2000 students on campus to the facebook event page and only received around 200 definites. That doesn't look appealing - at all. Even though the event was a huge success and I even ended up winning the best programming event of the year, I was still salty about not having the technology to have done this instantly. Then I realized, why not me?

Why not at PennApps?


  1. Features
  2. Swot analysis
  3. The actual alpha protoype
  4. What I hope to do with it for the future


Submit an event

You can input events according to their date time, location, description

What are other people doing?

You can see what your friends and family are doing at a particular time!

Combine calendars

You can also combine your calendar(s) and even other users' calendar(s).

Which day(s) should you plan the event?

By combining the calendars, you can see which date/time are the best time to have a partiular event for the best attendance!


Ranging from whatever to very important, you can categorize the level of importance for your events

Search fo events!

You can search for events around you!

Swot Analysis


It can help MANY people get stuff done.




It's a great way for people to build upon the hack!


No threats. I would make this totally open source. 

The actual prototype

Since I was working alone, I had to build both front end and back end. It was tough. I got it to log in by building my own database since doing it through facebook login was almost impossible with Parse. I can create events but it's really buggy and doesn't realy show up on the description part. My code broke 5 minutes ago where I can click on a particular block and it will show the event on the side if there is one or create a new event if there isn't any but that's down the drain now.

What I hope to do with it in the future

I want to finish this up so it's responsive and has all fully-running functions and advertise it so everyone can use it. No ads. I hate ads.
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