We see that with Alexa Voice we have an amazing opportunity to support people in living happier, healthier, more fulfilling, and satisfying lives. By using AIML, and with the help of our incredible team of Behavioral Experts including Psychologists, Coaches, and Personal Development experts, with our Ikigai Journey skill on Alexa, we empower discoveries and choices to create new behaviors and habits that will support our subscribers to create, design and achieve lives they love.

What it does

Version 1 of our skill enters the cycle of exploration areas to find purpose in life and invites people to share specific information about themselves and their beliefs that gives us the ability to design a life-roadmap that helps them achieve their goals. We use various AWS Services and other services that help us understand patterns and behaviors to better direct our subscribers with video content, articles, coaches, and other services that help them better become authors of their own lives.

How we built it

We work with a team of neuroscience and achievement experts to help write the conversations and to plan out those dialogs in an order that has been proven to help people make changes in their lives and build new, positive, supportive habits.

Challenges we ran into

No lie... it's a lot of work to build a skill designed to empower and support people with varied interests, issues, and goals. Version 1 of Ikigai Journey focuses on helping people understand where they are in the process of "re-inventing" themselves and their lives. It will take significant effort to create a safe environment on Alexa for people to feel comfortable to share potentially delicate and personal information. Creating a secure, transparent experience for users to take advantage of all the opportunities we can build on Alexa will take trust-building at each step.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've published our first draft of our app and our preliminary Alexa Conversations have been successful. With the new features we saw launched on Alexa Live (7/22/2020), we now have even more opportunities to add more depth to our conversations. We've been able to send a secure link to our subscribers via their mobile devices and allow them to record a private journal in their own voice. Here we then use tools to understand the context and content of their entries and give them insights into how their "journaling" applies to the goals they have set-up in our Ikigai Journey skill. It is pretty cool for the user to see patterns of speaking and how some of the words and phrases used either support or detract from life-goals.

What we learned

Having intimate conversations on Alexa is going to take a lot of finesse, grace, and patience. Asking people to share themselves vulnerably in a time when many are skeptical about inappropriate "listening" and data use requires us to be extra cautious about how we ask and what we ask our subscribers while working toward supporting them with their life goals.

What's next for evox Ikigai

We're working on a larger set of conversations which will include many more features, including videos, potentially live Amazon Chime opportunities to speak with experts or group meetings, or online conferences. The UX will be a 30-day trip "around the wheel" of Ikigai Journey inquiries and prompts to examine areas of passion and purpose. With the addition of Alexa Comprehend sentiment analysis, pitch analysis, and Amazon Recognition, curated content, courses, and coaching will be personalized for the user (using Amazon Personalize and Amazon Kendra, as well for supportive reading materials, video, and healthy lifestyle products).

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posted an update

Okay... well.... our Video file corrupted when we were uploading it for the competition. I had to rebuild it QUICKLY to get it in for the deadline. SORRY for the bad video here. The original was lovely. We're rebuilding the files now in hopes that we can recover the original file. Hopefully this gives you a good idea of the vision of the Ikigai Journey. It is a pretty cool Skill so far with many bigger plans to come. We wish everybody success in this Alexa Conversations competition. We are all learning together and how exciting to be people who are pioneers building something new!

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