What it does

Evoid Tech is an audio-visual experience that sources random images from the image hosting website Imgur.com. Once the images have been sourced, their data is passed into the Chirp.IO API, where a Chirp soundbyte corresponding to the data is produced. We bring these together to create an artistic experience mixing visuals with the sound of the data itself.

How I built it

Dividing the roles between us, Elliot took a front end perspective whilst Pete worked on integrating Chirp.IO, and Sam worked on design process and 3D modelling.

After getting to grips with each, it was only a matter of time before getting the first design done, at which point we tweaked it from there on in.

Elliot: I took on the task of creating the kaleidoscope effect, which while a bit tasking was a real fun thing to do. After completing that I also handled setting up the audio tracks on the webpage and getting the random images from Imgur.

Sam: I worked on the design and modelling of the piece. After I came up with the initial concept, there were a handful of options that we could have taken it down. After getting to grips with Blender, the 3D modelling allowed me to create a decent looking landscape, something with an 'epic landscape' kind of feel, with a large open sky; yet also minimalistic.

Pete: I worked on the back-end integration of Chirp with the random images on the webpage.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's interesting how a multi-medium based project can be worked on individually by different people and for it all to come out with a coherent design. The initial design came quite far, as it turned from a stylistic piece into a very procedural 3D end-point. The UI looks slick, and the soundscape feels immersive, and gives off the vibe we wanted.

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