I didn't like how events on campus were always jumbled forever in the lost seas of Facebook, Twitter, and Flyers. The only way you could find a lot of great events, especially FREE ones, were through your friends or somehow noticing it among all the ads and other stimuli there. Also more free stuff is nice.

What it does

It allows other users to input their event information into the database and that event pops up in a huge list of organized events. Then the user can go and select other events and have them all ordered in a nice orderly calendar.

How I built it

Android studio. I was planning to use Firebase with it to support the database.

Challenges I ran into

It was my first time using Android studio and I had to learn the UI in the 36 hours we had. Small silly mistakes would drive away hours because they were small and hard to locate. I also realized that I had to put a lot of emphasis on orderly coding structure too if I wanted to share a database among every activity.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The app works extremely nicely and looks very organized. Even though I did not finish the app, I still cannot believe I pulled it off. It's literally my first app.

What I learned

I planned a bit beforehand of how I wanted the interface to look and that benefited me a lot. I honestly think I could have finished this project had I gotten familiar with Android Studio before hand and did some planning based on coding structure. Planning is key.

What's next for EvMe

After exams, I'm going to restructure the code so that it's much easier to share the SQLite Database info among several activities. Then I'm going to use Firebase to host the data and finish the app.

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