E-waste is quickly becoming one of the world's greatest problems. New hardware is constantly being created, yet existing hardware is quickly becoming discarded. Not only is this extremely harmful for the environment, but the lack of education and general awareness around this topic is very alarming.

What it does

Evitalize contains two modes. Reuse: As a marketplace designed to rapidly sell goods, Reuse utilizes both the blockchain and Stripe integration to allow people to perform transactions using bitcoin, paypal, or even any credit card. Recycle: By using CapitalOne's Nessie API, we can tell when a user makes an electronics purchase. Whenever a user makes an electronic purchase, they are prompted to enter their device into our Recycle program. When the user enters our recycle program, they put down a certain amount of BTC (related to the purchase price). After the user successfully returns their device to a compatible e-waste recycling facility, the original BTC payment is refunded, along with an added bonus. The down payment and added bonus are dynamically calculated based on the amount of BTC Evitalize currently has, as well as amount of activity going on with Reuse. This ensures that our Recycle bonus is still profitable and capitalizes on the ability for BTC to change value.

How we built it

Using Android Studio, we built Reuse using AWS DynamoDB for sale listing, AWS S3 for image storage, AWS Cognito for user authentication, and used Coinbase and Stripe for payment logistics. Recycle uses CapitalOne's Nessie API to track purchases, custom sentiment analysis to determine if purchases are electronic in nature, ZXing to generate QR codes, and Coinbase to provide for the BTC transactions.

Challenges we ran into

Android Studio 3.0 proved extremely challenging, especially since there was a bug in Google's most recent update (interfered with dexing). Furthermore, we had to rebuild (and strip away parts of) Coinbase's Android SDK because it was so old (used methods from Android KitKat that have since been removed from Android).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created an Android app with an average of 0.6 years of Android experience between us all. Furthermore, integrating this many APIs (including AWS!) proved extremely challenging. Our team pulled together by using an agile development methodology.

What we learned

It's not always wise to simply rely on others' code. The e-waste problem is rapidly growing, with little to no education being done about it.

What's next for Evitalize

We're currently reaching out to e-waste facilities, hoping to get our plan tweaked to match their specifications.

.tech Domain is where the data visualizations from facilities is being hosted.

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