During our 500 mile drive to Oakland we´ve encountered a really hard time because our car was overheating: After LA the car temperature was jumping around, we thought it was the sensor... until the car shutdown, at Bakersfield a Good Samaritan pointed out that the radiator's cap was leaking water, so we bought a new one. We didn't even drive for 20 miles when the car was heating again, as we were already on the freeway we did not have any options or auto part store to ask advice of our problem. We stopped at a gas station and after some troubleshooting we found out that the radiator's connection tube was also damaged! Fortunately ...we had a pen! YES! a pen, we use the plastic tube of a pen to repair our radiator... after driving 8 miles we did find an auto part store and bought some cement for our miraculous pen... the car did still overheat the rest of the trip but did not shutdown, it was matter of only refilling the radiator with water... before arriving at Dublin we thought... we would not have this problem if we would have an electric car .... Electric car do not need radiators.

What it does

We want to encourage non ev to buy one, not only for the carbon footprint to the environment but also the savings on fuel.

How we built it

We assembled our team of developers we build a landing page and a chatbot.

Challenges we ran into

We had limited time, and a lot of ideas, so we had to stick to the ideas we could develop faster!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of sticking to the end of the event and not quitting before time (we were discouraged for the limited time we had)

What we learned

There are still a lot of ideas on the clean energy industry that have full potential to be exploited

What's next for EVGURU

Finish the missing parts of it, look for funding.

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