We all have experienced stressful times in our lives. These times can often be scary if you don't know good ways of coping with them. We wanted to create an app to teach and help others in their times of need. We thought an app would be perfect for this since the user will have it with them anytime they are in need of calming. It can be challenging to convince yourself to do these exercises in your head as well. Forcing them to write down things or push buttons will encourage them to stay in the present and give them something meaningful to do.

What it does

We decided to implement three of the coping strategies we have found to help us during stressful times. The first is a grounding exercise. This is based off the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise. The user will have to type 5 things they see in the room presently, 4 things they feel, 3 things they hear, 2 things they smell, and one good thing about themselves. The final page reiterates the good thing they have said about themselves so they can continue on with a positive message. The second exercise is the breathing exercise. This follows the 4-6-4 method. The opening screen gives you the instruction to breathe in. Once you push begin, a countdown timer begins from 4. The next screen gives the instruction to hold your breath as it counts down from 6. The last screen instructs you to breathe out as it counts down from 4. It then returns to the first screen where you can begin the exercise again or return to the home screen. The last exercise is a thought journal. This allows you to write down your thoughts and rate your entry. The idea is to have a collection of good memories that you can reflect on in the future.

How I built it

We all used android studio and java to implement our app. Jeremy was in charge of the grounding exercise. Emma was in charge of the breathing exercise. Lastly, Nate was in charge of the thought journal. We initially created a wire frame using Figma to layout the basic features for the app. The wire frames helped in assigning out the different features to each member and to keep everyone on the same page. A fully finished app would have contained a login feature using Firebase authentication. This would allow us to more easily save memories to a Firestore database in order to query a list of all the saved good memories or things about the user.

Challenges I ran into

For many of us, this was our first Java Android application. Some of the initial time was devoted to learning the various features built within Android Studio. Additionally, we had some trouble with pushing our changes to Github as we were unsure of what files needed to be kept local.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our product as it serves a good cause. This app would be useful to those who do suffer from different mental health disorders as well as those who are in stress.

What I learned

This application improved our understanding of how to use git within a team environment. We improved our ability to blueprint our ideas using Figma. Lastly, we have a better understanding of how to create Android applications in Java using Android Studio.

What's next for Everything's Okay

Given more time we would've added it to Firebase to construct a database to hold the collection of thoughts and ratings from the thought journal. We could even take it a step further and add statistics to show percentage of good vs bad days and general trends of your ratings.

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