I have used Evernote over the past 5 years to capture thousands of notes including inspiration, project ideas and more, however I found that I would forget about all that great content. EveryPhoto solves that problem by allowing me to search through these photos visually, like Pinterest.

What it does

Visual search for your Evernote account.

How I built it

Sketched on paper. Mocked up in Sketch. Tested in Invision. Built with Swift in Xcode.

Challenges I ran into

The Evernote API is built in Objective-C, and the advanced functions are not documented in detail, so there were some challenges translating it to Swift and accessing the low level functionality.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completed this project from idea to approval in just over 3 weeks, doing it part-time.

What I learned

API's can be fussy. Obsessing over the user experience is not a bad thing.

What's next for EveryPhoto

Getting feedback from users and making it more useful. Also adding support for Business Notebooks.

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