DIP is and has been dear to many a SharePoint office worker. And it's the one functionality which has stopped companies from upgrading from Word 2013. That time has come to and end. Puzzlpart extraordinaire Ole Kristian and Mikael always has the customers interest at heart, and wanted to bless all on-premises environments for SharePoint with this feature.

Chrismas has come early people!

What it does

It gives on-premises users of SharEPoint 2013 and 2016 access to the new DIP using Word 2016.

How we built it

We fiddled, and we copy/pasted.

Challenges we ran into

CSS styling - which should be easy to fix.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By doing this we hope that Microsoft release and update for all those lost souls on-premises so they get get to DIP with Office 2016.

What we learned

That christmas can come early to those customers who trust their trusted advisors.

What's next for Everyone wants to DIP! Not just in the cloud.

Blog it, share it, and wait for a proper Microsoft release.

Built With

  • copy-/-paste
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