You're probably wasting money and didn't even know about it. Like you - there are merely 300 thousand people who spend money every day without ever knowing. We're everyDime and want to gather the money spent that way and donate it.

How it works

After contacting 10bis and receiving full access to their API, we've built a system which allows every 10bis customers to submit their 10bis charge date and location. Then, before the charge, we use 2-factor authentication to make sure you're not getting charge by mistake. Finally - we donate the rest of your 10bis budget to an organisation of your choice.

Challenges I ran into

  • Reaching upper management in a well-known company such as 10bis. We've reached CTO, CMO and executive BizDev personnel.
  • Learning a new API and adapting it to our needs.
  • Creating a fully automated scheduling system on our own.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Creating a non-profitable project that would help those in need.
  • Contacting a large scale company.
  • Finding an innovative idea, rather than creating a generic solution for a generic problem.

What I learned

  • Negotiating with large companies.
  • Working altogether in different areas (server side, client side, system...)

What's next for everyDime

  • Grouping private customers under their workplace and motivating the workplaces to compete.
  • PR.
  • An android app to support android users as well.
  • Integrating with 10bis' competitors to enable this solution to all.
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