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Coro Garrido Fernández, 10.1.2011

  FOR BEING VISUAL AND IMMEDIATE To get the idea of a full-of-problems world we do not believe in some kind of application "that has to be opened". We believe in a kind of app that is always open, automatically updated, visually attractive. BEST WAY IS A WIDGET We think that the best way to do this is via a "widget" (also called "gadget"). We propose to make a "colorful" widget / gadget of a 3D world globe, with info on different kinds of needs (eg. hunger, poverty, education), that it is always being updated from World Bank data. It would be always spinning, showing main problems, full with links to the projects and ways to get involved in them. The goal of any of that widgets is being seen all time, all day, ready-to-click. Every time you turn your computer on, or just when you look at your phone, you´ll see immediately AN OVERVIEW OF THE MAIN PROBLEMS OF THE WORLD and PROBABLE SOLUTIONS, always based on World Bank data. A widget could be any of these types: Windows 7 desktop • Opera widgets: http://widgets.opera.com/ • Desktop Gadgets / SideShow for Windows 7: http://windows.microsoft.com/es-ES/windows/downloads/personalize/gadgets • Google Desktop Gadgets (sidebar or floating): http://desktop.google.com/plugins?hl=es Mobile gadgets (such as Samsung TouchWiz) http://innovator.samsungmobile.com/platform.main.do?platformId=12   We have chosen the last one, a widget for a standard cell phone (Samsung F480 or "Tocco"), that uses a simple tactile interface called TouchWiz (just because it´s the phone we currently use...). IMPORTANT NOTE: ALTHOUGHT WE HAVE CREATE A WIDGET FOR A SAMSUNG PHONE, WE DON´T HAVE ANY COMMERCIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM. THE WIDGET COULD BE EASILY CONVERTED TO ANY OTHER WIDGET FORMAT (OPERA, WINDOWS 7, GOOGLE...), BUT WE HAVE DONE THIS TEST IN A SAMSUNG PHONE JUST BECAUSE IT´S THE ONLY PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE WE CURRENTLY KNOW (AND JUST A LITTLE...).   The widget we have created is obviously a mere draft, since we don't have the skills to build it properly, just a little basics of HTML and Java. If the idea is worth a development, we´ll contact the appropiate people to design and program it.   BUT WITH PROBLEMS VALUATION The skin of the globe would have a always changing map with different colors for areas, more intense in countries with more problems, and clearer in those with less. It would be changing form theme to theme; education in shades of green, hunger in shades of red, etc. IT IS NECCESARY TO HAVE A CLEAR VALUATION OF IMPORTANCES. It is not important to know where more help projects are being run, but where more help is needed. For this valuation of needs (and not solutions), we could use the surface colors scheme that is currently used in World Bank sites like "The World at a Glance" part of World Bank main page. We tried to do something similar some time ago, but in a flat 2D web: http://www.everybodycan.org/bm1/ Clicking on a ball field would be accessed web pages for programs to help that particular area. Perhaps we have made this sketch a little before interactive World Bank maps... Another kind of representation could be this one (developed by other team, for "heat" money maps), in which the bars indicate the intensity of each problem: http://daily.hotpads.com/hotpads_daily/2007/01/heat_maps_vs_ge.html   AND LINKS TO SOLUTIONS The widget will provide links to more detailed data of a World Bank project and ways to get involved. We did an example of something similar in another version of our site above, with a map of a specific problem (Children malnutrition). We could zoom an area (Bangladesh) and we could then access a site of a support program partner (Bangladesh Relief Fund). http://www.everybodycan.org/bm3/need.htm   THAT´S IT In the video we have enclosed, we show a simple scheme of the widget in which there is some red dots with direct links to some current projects of the World Bank. Obviously it´s a very rough approach (no colored maps, no valuation, no automatic spin) but could give some idea.   So, FOR BEING VISUAL AND IMMEDIATE, BEST WAY IS A WIDGET, BUT WITH PROBLEMS VALUATION, AND LINKS TO SOLUTIONS. ...that´s it       EveryBodyCan Samsung TouchWiz Widget: How to install (Applies to any TouchWiz Samsung Mobile) 1.       Visit http://widget.samsungmobile.com/pin.jsp form your mobile. Select your appropriate model 2.       Once "Samsung Mobile Widget for Partners" widget is installed, open it 3.       Type " 85750582" PIN number 4.       Wait for "complete Certification" to appear and press button 5.       Download "EBC11" widget 6.       Open it and just try...   Credits We have used code form "Rotate globe" Script, copyright (c) 2005 Tyrell Corporation, part of the Locative Blog project (http://locblog.sourceforge.net/) -  Author   : $Author: darkeye $ -   Version  : $Revision: $ -  Location : $Source

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