This idea was born from within a bigger project. A website that I am working on, Flushing.Live, is a town website that allows residents to keep up with their town and to give them access to everything they need for their town. But rather than go through the trouble of navigating websites, sometimes we just want to access some information quickly and easily.

What it does

EveryBlockText allows users to text a phone number, (215) 515-2516, and receive information with simple commands. With just 2 texts, you can know what's happening around your town and what events are coming up.

How we built it

We built it using Node.js as the back-end. We used ComCast's EveryBlock API for the information and Twilio's API to be able to send and receive text messages.

What's next for EveryBlockText

I am looking forward to see what ComCast will add to the EveryBlock API as I see it's potential being very powerful. As long as the API grows, so will EveryBlockText. I am also looking forward to incorporate it with the site.

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