We wanted to create a hack that focuses on a group of women that need empowerment that we felt aren't reached often. This game is what we call a "PSA Game," in which the purposes is not to win or lose, but to learn and understand an issue that is ongoing in our world.

What it does

The morning is a big rush of getting kids ready for school and also trying to get yourself ready. The game will run through this morning of 3.5 hours (5am to 8:30am) in five minutes to see if you can finish all the tasks you need to.

How I built it

Unity and C# (game) Microsoft Azure and Python (server)

Challenges I ran into

Setting up the environments. Tried to run microsoft azure in c# in unity, but had to switch to a python server. Unity also was slow to learn how to use with 3d objects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We tried :)

What I learned

Unity, python servers, C#

What's next for [Every Morning]

Adding more details and tasks to the game to show a more realistic approach. Add more moving scenes for each ask such as a "cooking" sequence.

Built With

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