Every Day a New Normal

Every Day a New Normal is a game created by Stephanie Pena and Leehe Mahalal for ShellHacks 2020. The game is primarily a sidescroller with 4 unique mini-games. Every Day a New Normal explores themes of uncertainty and adapting to change as the player experiences seemingly mundane tasks of daily life through the ever-changing landscape of the year 2020. Each day in the game represents a month of 2020, starting in January and ending in May. Every "day" in the game, the player can check their laptop for relevant news headlines, all of which are genuine news headlines from the month corresponding to the day in the game. After checking the news, the player may interact with various people and/or objects around the map, before triggering the daily minigame. After the minigame, the scene switches to the next day.

This game was created for ShellHacks 2020, specifically for the sponsored Xbox Challenge, which emphasizes storytelling elements and gameplay mechanics.

Every Day a New Normal was influenced by a different game under a similar moniker, Every Day the Same Dream as well as Night in the Woods.

Check out our demo on Youtube or download and play the current build from Google Drive here.

Play it here.

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