• People are often afraid of dealing in digital currency due to the lack of the knowledge and exposure to the digital currency trade. Having the API provided by Coinbase, we had direct access to the real-time trading information and the current prices of various digital currencies. Customers are nowadays curious and welcoming towards new wallet systems and we thought this could be an opportunity to expose the people to the world of digital currency trading through trading simulations.

What it does

-Every Bit Counts is split into two main parts: -Allows users to simulate bitcoin trading in real time based on the active rates of Bitcoin as obtained from the Coinbase API calls. -Generate metrics and visualizations for users new to the field of digital currency to educate them about the possibilities of trading in digital currency.

How we built it

  • Every Bit Counts started off by setting up a bare-bone framework in Flask. It uses a relational database in the backend. Came up with a custom simulation logic for the trading system. Built visualization widgets using the Coinbase API.

Challenges we ran into

  • We ran into some front-end styling issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are very excited to build this bitcoin simulator and we wish this app can let people get hands-on investment experience.

What's next for Every Bit Counts

The features presented here function as an MVP to showcase what the platform could be used for. There's a lot of possibilities for extension, with a few examples being: The Bitcoin trading simulator can be scaled as a tool to familiarize people with bitcoin trading. Allow people to buy and trade bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, etc. within EveryBitCounts. Allow people to deposit a percentage of their paycheck into cryptocurrency. Provide an android and iOS mobile app for users to use EveryBitCounts on the go. Weekly leadership board

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