I started this app by first analyzing the Hsuehshan Tunnel Traffic datasets and OpenXc Datasets and uploading it to the server via json call. Since the traffic dataset provided were collected every 5 minutes(300 seconds). Our app makes call to the dataset json file every five minutes to provide users with the most current traffic information's at any given time.

Every User in Yilan and Taipei can be able to access the most current real time traffic information from home, offices, schools, church etc and could be able to know if there is traffic or not.

Traffic RealTime Analysis every 5 Minutes

The app was able to predict and analysis every 5 minutes(300 seconds):
1.) The status of traffic on the tunnel. The value of Zero(0) and Green light bulb indicates free network flow or no traffic
2.) The app shows the number of lanes occupied every 5 minutes. for instance increased in the number of lanes occupied is an indication of slow movements which may be caused by traffic and vice versa.
3.) The apps also show the volume of cars, Trains, long vehicles(Lorry) that transit the tunnel every 5 minutes.

4.) The app works in conjuction with openXc dataset in analyzing the speed of every vehicle transiting the tunnel.
The value of the Vehicle speed obtained from the Hsuehshan Tunnel Traffic datasets and OpenXc Datasets were also used in analyzing the traffic situation of the tunnels as increase in the values of the vehicle speed indicates free flow of road network.

Statistical Graphs RealTime Traffic Analysis

To make this app one of the best in the world, those dataset leverages were dynamically coded to generate statistical graph Charts for Data Visualisations. For instnce from the graph, the user can be able to view the number of Cars, Trains, Long vehicles that transit the tunnel every 5 minutes. User can be able to see number of lane occupied,vehicle speeds overtime.

Vehicle Performance Tunning and Monitoring via Openxc

Openxc were also used to enable users to visualize the workability of his car system for performance and monitoring. car variables like Intake Manifold Pressure(Unit expressed in Pascal),Vehicle speed,Engine load,Engine speed,Engine coolant Temperature along with their respective Timestamp were leveraged. This inputted variables were dynamically created and simulated to provide the car owner with data visualisation on the workability of his entire car system. For instance, the value obtained from the engine load will tell the performance of the engine as the value is expressed in Horse Power(HP).

With OpenXc, vehicle monitoring and performance overtime has been easier than ever.

OpenXc Timestamp values were converted to Hours-Minutes-Seconds to make time data readable.

For openXC only: Remember to Click on Reload Button after inputing and submiting the OpenXc Car variables eg engine load, Intake manifold Pressure etc so as to reflect on the graph for OpenXc Car Performance Monitoring and Data Visualisations.....

Thank You

Built With

  • hsuehshan-tunnel-traffic-datasets
  • openxc
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