EverSmart: Fast Access and Automated Entries to your favorite notes, in Evernote.

EverSmart makes it quick and easy to update your favorite notes via smart entries. Smart entries are powerful and flexible enough to use for capturing ideas, shared lists, logs, or even track tweets and facebook posts — all with a single tap.

Smart Entries can write:

  • date/time
  • map & location
  • checkbox (for to-dos or shopping lists)
  • Evernote username (for shared notes)
  • unlimited custom input fields
  • custom words (in color)
  • and log entries to Facebook/Twitter

Other features:

  • quickly preview your favorite notes
  • open your note in Evernote
  • create entries offline (even while on a airplane)
  • presets for easy configuration
  • customizable icons for your notes

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