The team was intrigued by the 'cancer screening per guidelines' aspect of the Patient Interaction sub theme. We learned that the St. Francis system does not have an app, nor does it have a way for patients to receive custom cancer screening information with respect to their age, sex and other parameters. Thus, we chose to tackle this idea in the form of a mobile app.

What it does

Our app provides a comprehensive listing of recommended preventative medical screenings - having all the information available in one place allows consumers to know when it's time to schedule their next screening.

How we built it

Front End: Flutter (with Dart Code) - to be compatible with iOS and Android Back End: Firebase (Google Firestore) - to store user and screening data

Challenges we ran into

When setting up the environments we faced a couple of problems, especially since two of our team members had issues downloading Flutter on their computers. Besides brainstorming and prototyping, much of Friday and Saturday morning was spent extensively on setup. Given that none of our team members had any experience with Flutter or Dart, we also spent a considerable amount of time learning how to code in Dart.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We can, in fact, eventually make screening checkups paperless as long as the patients have a phone. We are also glad to be filling in a void in which current hospitals do not have customized information for cancer screenings per each individual patient.

What we learned

We learned a tremendous amount about Flutter and Dart code this weekend. One of the greatest opportunities a hackathon has to offer is the ability for programmers to learn outside their current scope. This trial by fire of connected a Google Firestore database with Flutter and Dart gave us considerable experience.

What's next for EverScreen

Firstly of all, we can extend a step further to notifications which remind patients to take medication on time. Also, we want to be able to allow patients to make appointments for screenings with doctors of his/her choice on our app (enhances patient experience). Furthermore, we envision it to be an app that has a real time video function which allows patients-doctor integration through the app to facilitate treatment.

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