What is Evernotify?

Evernotify is that one feature you have been missing in your Evernotes. Lets face it, we all take notes, we all track our todo's and IOU's in Evernote. Wouldn't it be wonderful if Evernote sent us reminders or alerts about the pending items in our notes? Well thats where Evernotify comes in.

How does it work?

All you need to do is connect your Evernotify account with Evernote and tag your notes with 'evernotify' and leave the rest to the items extraction algorithm that powers Evernotify. It will extract your todo's and iou's from inside your notes and present it in a nice readable format. You can then set how often you wish to receive reminders about your pending items.

Do i need to change the way i take notes?

In all certainty not, Evernotify was built to handle the most common user note taking patterns. Take a look at www.evernotify.me/help for details.

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