Have recipes on Evernote? Now you can see them in a visual cookbook that can be easily shared with friends. Plus, create visual weekly meal plans that you can save as new notes for quick reference.

Visual Evernote Cookbook - View any of your Evenote notes that contain images in a grid format that is easy to browse and fun to share. It uses the same notebooks, tags, and sharing settings from your Evernote account, so everything is organized right from Evernote. It’s great for recipes, and you can use it for any of your notes. There is even an image picker tool that will update the thumbnail Evernote displays.

Visual Evernote Plans - Say Mmm lets you add notes to a calendar, and save weekly plans as separate combined notes for quick reference. Plan meals, events, travel plans, or anything you want to remember by day or along a timeline.

Here is an example of how it looks: www.saymmm.com/evernote/saymmm

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